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A visual artist, Joanne Bigham entered the world of puppet theatre by chance. She spent six years on the road with children’s entertainers Sharon, Lois and Bram as an “elephant keeper", props person and designer and later wrangled Ella and CC Copy Cat for Skinnamarink TV, wildly popular with the under-six TV crowd. Open Door Designs was born when a friend asked Joanne to make a puppet theatre that could be taken to libraries and schools. Since then the business has continued to thrive and grow with the introduction of several free standing portable puppet theatres and a variety of puppets. In 2007 Joanne opened the Open Door Designs' retail store, located on Dupont Street in Toronto, which featured her own designs alongside other Canadian puppet builders as well as a comprehensive vintage collection.

In 2015 Open Door Designs moved out of Toronto and is continuing to produce puppet theatres and puppets in the new location in Deep River Ontario. Joanne has also opened a Sewing Studio that provides sewing repair, alterations and small upholstery. For more information click there.

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