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OPEN DOOR DESIGNS welcomes any requests for custom requirements regarding any of our theatres.

Based on the client's drawing, this PPT-PRO features two "porticos" each with it's own roman blind and performance "slit" in the bottom. The porticos can be folded against the frame when not in use. It also features two performace slits under the curved playboard. We look forward to photos of it in use this summer!

This PPT-PRO designed for the Saskatoon Public Library features a 52"w proscenium and has an adjustable Playboard which projects to the back. The Playboard is 68"w and can rest at any point between 54"h and 37.5"h. The Roman Blind is adjusted for 54" but could be changed to work anywhere between these two heights.

This theatre was built for the Please Touch Me Museum in Philadelphia, PA and is similar to the theatre shown below at 72" wide but has a 52" x 23" playboard sitting at a height of 52".

"We got the stage yesterday. We set it up.
It looks GREAT!!!
The design and construction work is wonderful.
Thank you so much".

David Frazier Brown Hutchman
Theater Experience Manager
Please Touch Museum

The Childrens Museum of Philadelphia


This recently designed PPT-PRO was commissioned by an Ontario library. It is 72" wide and features a 52w" x 28h" proscenium. The playboard which sits at 44" is curved and includes a scenery slot. The challenge was to design it to fit in the carry bag to retain the portability. The playboard and the two large cross-pieces all hinge and fit beautifully into the wheeled golf bag. The bag, theatre, rear drapes and prop trays weigh just under 25 kgs.


OPEN DOOR DESIGNS was commmissioned by the City of Loveland in Colorado USA to build a portable puppet theatre that reflected their Stormwater Engineering Division logo in the design. Open Door Designs took the logo and integrating new elements transformed it onto the surface of the theatre to tell the story of stormwater travelling from city and mountain. Open Door Designs used digital printing on cotton canvas to create this truly beautiful theatre that looks and feels as though it has come from the earth. This theatre is now being used to educate children and adults alike about water quality in the area.
PPTs with 40" Stage Opening
PPTs with Custom Fabric and added features
Regina PPT East Bay PPT
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80% Scale PPT
This PPT was commissioned as "child sized"

We now offer this theatre in our regular line.
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Scale PPT Scaled PPT -front PPT w PPT scaled
66"h x 40"w(front); Wings: 30"w;
Stage Opening: 30"w x 20"h

Full sized PPT with Scaled Version
PPT-KIDS with stage lowered to 30" for the Ottawa Public Library