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custom puppets


Open Door Designs has been commissioned to build a variety of custom puppets for TV and theatre.
Please feel free to contact us with any requests.


These puppets were commissioned by Breakthrough Entertainment for the Kenny v Spenny Christmas Special finale in 2010.

This group of six puppets was commissioned by a Barbadian NGO The Future Centre Trust. They required a number of characters based on illustrations in a series of books that will be used in schools for eco education.
"Luk" the Polar Bear - Hand Puppet
Fleece & Foam
"Bri" the Hummingbird - Rod Puppet
Velour covered form, mouth operational
Monkey - Hand Puppet
Fleece & Foam

Mongoose - Hand Puppet
Mouth not operational

Hawksbill Sea Turtle - Hand Puppet
Flying Fish - Rod Puppet
This customer needed a quick "sock" puppet made to look like a child built it for use in a theatre production. Video version to follow.  
CC Copy Kitty was built by Open Door Designs in 1998 as CC Copy Kat's younger brother for Skinnamarink TV with Sharon, Lois and Bram.
Kitty Drawing
kitty colour drawing
CC Copy Kitty
Ian pup
Rose puppet
O puppet front
O puppet back
Big bad wolf
Big bad wolf mouth
Ari Cone Puppet front
Ari Cone Puppet