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JULY - 2010

Toronto Summer Music Festival: Bunraku Puppetry
• Puppets UP! - AUGUST 7 & 8, 201
Puppets Elora: "The First Noel"

• Open Door Designs featured on InsideToronto.com
• Open Door Designs' Fall Now Workshops Scheduled
• Open Door Designs Visits Lillian H. Smith Public Library


Museu da Marioneta - Lisboa, Portugal
• Elisabeth den Otter: Antropologist, Musicologist

The Pump Up Perth Residents Committee - Meeting
• Perth Dupont Library SUMMER ACTIVITIES

• Dovercourt Boy's and Girl's Club
• Red Wagon Collective

Music & Theatre: Imada Puppet
Troupe & Bunraku Bay Puppet Troupe

Thursday, July 22 at 8:00pm, MacMillan Theatre

The Festival proudly presents two companies that perform Bunraku, a vivid, sophisticated style of puppet theatre that originated in Japan 300 years ago. Using half life-size puppets and accompanied by chanted narration and music played on traditional instruments, the companies offer a series of delightful, inspiring short plays. A truly unique and unforgettable experience!

Five short plays:
Kotobuki Shiki Sanbaso
Yaoya Oshichi
Hidakagawa Iriaizakura
Lion Dance
The Dance of Ebisu


August 7 & 8, 2010

This fabulous festival in Almonte, Ontario should not be missed, book early for the workshops and performances. WEBSITE

Performer Line-up for 1010
Viktor Antonov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Taiyuan Puppet Theatre (Taipei, Taiwan)
Théâtre de Deux Mains (Montréal, Québec)
Clownz (Brownsbury-Chatam, Québec)
Mr. Smythe and his Mini-All Star Show (Montréal, Québec)
Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers (Maine, USA)
Tanglewood Marionettes (Ware, Maine, USA)
Foreign Landscape Productions & Exit 4 Theatre (Massachusetts, USA)
Jacob Berkowitz (Almonte, Ontario

Puppets Elora's ventures into new territory with an original, self-produced play featuring a whole community of new puppet characters, a raft of props and special effects, and fun for everyone who loves music, community festivals, Elora, or simply puppeteering. Join us at the charming Gorge Cinema, which will provide the ideal venue for six performances of “The First Noel”, a 75-minute live puppet show. Book early—seating is limited.

For tickets, contact the Elora Festival:
ph: 1-888-747-7550 or info@elorafestival.com
More Info: www.puppetselora.ca


Last month Anice Wong, a reporter from Inside Toronto.com visited and did a video story about Open Door Designs. I am thrilled with the results and hope you enjoy it! Click on the image to view the video.


OPEN DOOR DESIGNS is pleased to now offer Workshops on a regular basis in our brand new dedicated space. We are keeping the workshops small, max 6-10 participants depending on the workshop. So register soon to guarantee a place.

As a result of requests we have created an "Educator's Series" that includes Puppetry: History and Applications in the Classroom with Naomi Kates; Performance with Mike Harding and Kelly Kirkham's papier mache workshop that has already been taken back to many daycares and classrooms.

Mike Harding is also offering a Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced "muppety" puppet workshop including a building a foam puppet, building a fur puppet and finally, a more professional type puppet.

In addition to the History and Applications workshop for the Educators Series Naomi Kates is also offering a Bunraku workshop for Kids & Parents.

Alexander Mergold will be offering another Marionette Building workshop along with a new workshop, Building a Tabletop Puppet.




My Visit to Lillian H. Smith Public Library
Last month I had a long overdue visit to the Lillian H. Smith Public Library, which houses both the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, The Lillian H. Smith Collection and the Marguerite G. Bagshaw Collection of Puppetry, Creative Drama and Theatre for Children. I met first with Martha Scott, a librarian at the Osborne Collection who showed me bits and pieces of the fabulous collection. They also have, along with some other donated puppets, most of the hand puppets from an 1951 NFB film, sur le pont D'avignon directed by Jean-Paul Ladouceur and Wolf Koenig with puppets designed and built by Gerald Budner (see sur le pont D'avignon on NFB website by clicking here).

After a taking a look at the Budner Puppets and the oldest book and smallest book Martha then took me downstairs to meet Theo Hera who oversees the Marguerite G. Bagshaw Collection, a reference collection located on the main floor and used by children's literature students, researchers and scholars, authors, illustrators and publishers, teachers, storytellers, puppeteers and actors. It includes over a hundred bins containing puppet shows created and used by the TPL children's staff. Any book you can imagine about puppetry is in the collection and so if you need to know ANYTHING about puppetry, this is the place to start!


The Osborne Collection
Class visits and Group Tours
Teachers and instructors are welcome to contact the Osborne Collection to arrange group visits, subject to space and scheduling. Classes starting at grade 4+ may enjoy exhibits and talks, while high school, college and university-level students may be given subject presentations on Osborne material.
Mon. - Fri. 10-6, Sat. 9-5

Website: The Osborne Collection

Phone: 416-393-7753
Fax: 416-393-7635

* Leslie McGrath - lmcgrath@torontopubliclibrary.ca
* Martha Scott - mcscott@torontopubliclibrary.ca
* Lori McLeod - lmcleod@torontopubliclibrary.ca

Lillian H. Smith & Marguerite Bagshaw Collections
Lillian H. Smith Public Library
239 College St.
Toronto, ON M5T 1R5
Marguerite Bagshaw Collection, Children's Literature Collections
Phone: 416-393-7746
Wheelchair Accessible
Theo Heras, Children's Literature Specialist- theras@torontopubliclibrary.ca

Pinky & Perky
Pelham Puppets

Boy scout kit-$95
c1950's, assembled, mostly orginal strings - 14"

Clippo the Clown

Curtis Crafts
'70's (?) - 15"
Puppet pigs created by Czechoslovakian Jan and Vlasta Dalibor. Pinky and Perky was an animated childrens TV series first broadcast by the BBC in 1957, then revived in 2008 as a CGI animation.
They have been restrung with colour coded linen strings.
Jimmy P. Nut wants to be your next Present!

1977 Made in Korea. 19", with original box

How about this un-PC clip from Fireball XL5 - one of my childhood favourites watched mostly with fingers in ears and eyes closed - it was soooo scary! This one is odd as it appears most of the puppeteers were women!

check out the website and video

"In May, FIMFA brings puppets from throughout the world to Lisbon. Professional puppet companies from various countries, of recognized international merit, present their latest creations in an innovative program, targeted at various publics and age groups. In parallel to the puppet theatre shows, colloquia, exhibitions and workshops are held, related to this theme."


The puppetry museum in Lisboa Portugal

museu da marioneta

Another website tripped over (!) full of information and Elisabeth den Otter has also written several books about puppetry.

"A puppet is an inanimate figure made to move by human effort before an audience. Puppet theatre is found all over the world and puppets exist in various types and shapes: hand, rod and string puppets, as well as in the derived form of shadow figures. Puppetry in a larger sense includes all objects that are animated by man. Puppets (and masks) come to life through the hands and minds of the puppeteers, the musicians and the dancers."

Elisabeth den Otter

The Pump Up Perth Residents Committee
A group of concerned residents, has put together a campaign to inform as many parents as possible about Perth PS. There is a website at junctiontriangle.ca/perthps where copies of the flyer and a pre-written form letter are available for download, along with a lively discussion about the need for grades 7/8 and French Immersion.

A public meeting has been set up with Maria Rodrigues, school board Trustee, to discuss grades 7/8 and French Immersion at Perth PS.
When: Monday, 5 July, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Where: Perth Avenue Junior Public School
It is important that as many parents as possible attend this meeting.



All programmes at 2:00pm

*Thurs. July 8 Vincent the Magician
*Thurs. July 15 Jungle crafts
*Thurs. July 22 Puppet making workshop
*Thurs. July 29 Puppet show with Mike Harding

Thurs. August 5 Movie “Jungle Book”
Thurs. August 12 Storytelling with Adele
Thurs. August 19 Bingo and last day party
*these programs require registration.
Registration for all programs begins June 25.
ASK AT DESK! Click Here to Download Schedule PDF

MESSAGE FROM KEN MCMULLEN, FARMER: Spring is on the way The first seedlings of thyme and lupines sprouted today in our germination room. Asparagus can't be far behind. I hope you will join us again for the 2010 crop season. We are celebrating 20 years of home deliveries so there will be special events and crops throughout the year. Registration information can be found at:http://www.springarbourfarm.com/delivery00.htm delivery dates, crops and prices can be found at: http://www.springarbourfarm.com/delivery00_2.htm

Dovercourt Boy's & Girl's Club Renovation
Donations of time and materials needed

Drywall Tapers, Light Fixtures, Paint & Painters, cash donations and more please contact
Tony Palermo: paldover21@kwik.net
(416) 530-4233

Since the beginning of January Central Tech students have been getting hands-on experience with the skilled trades they love by renovating a vacant warehouse at 45 Ernest Ave. into a new home for the Dovercourt Boys' and Girls' club. The students hope to have their renovations finished in time so the club can begin regular operations this May. If you can donate any time or materials please contact Tony Palermo: paldover21@kwik.net (416) 530-4233

Material Donations Needed

Donations may be dropped off at Open Door Designs or email Nancy Davis Halifax for more information.

fabric, wool, embroidery floss, needles, crochet hooks, old sweaters

RED WAGON COLLECTIVE was formed in 2006 in response to our desire to deepen our artistic, collaborative, and community-engaged practices through residency projects that would enable us to develop both intensive and extensive relationships in the Junction - a rapidly changing neighbourhood in Toronto's west end. We share a desire to work collaboratively with artists and non-artists to create work that inspires new conversations; softens boundaries between groups separated by age, culture, ability, and economic status; promotes the presence of art in everyday life and contributes to increasing public engagement in community development. The work we create with communities is used in producing exhibitions, public installations, and celebratory performance events.We are currently working within the walls of the Evangeline Shelter.


If you would like to join our emailing list and receive our Newsletter and updates regarding special events and new products at Open Door Designs, email us at info@opendoordesigns.ca