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JUNE - 2010

• Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Day - Puppet Mongers
• Puppets Elora: "The First Noel"
• PUPPET HOSPITAL: Doctor in the House
• Open Door Designs' New Workshop Space

• Sue Berlove & Three Bags Full: The Story
• Interesting Puppet Links & Things 

• Perth Avenue Public School Spring Fair
• Dovercourt Boy's and Girl's Club
• Red Wagon Collective

Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Day
Saturday, June 5th

The theme for this year’s Fresh Ideas is “Creative Collaboration”, with presenters, panelists and performers including Marthe Adam (UQAM), Ronnie Burkett (Theatre of Marionettes), students from Humber College Theatre Department, and Eric Woolfe (Eldritch Theatre) to name a few. Though the lineup for June 5th is now complete, Puppetmongers welcome ideas for presentations and performances to be included in future events.
The Day runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; the Evening performances start at 8 p.m. With limited seating capacity at Puppetmongers’ studio, reservations are recommended: Early Bird discount tickets can be booked online at www.puppetmongers.com, and are $90 for the Day and Evening ($95 cash at the door) and $20 for the Evening alone ($25 cash at the door). More details at: http://www.puppetmongers.com

Puppets Elora's ventures into new territory with an original, self-produced play featuring a whole community of new puppet characters, a raft of props and special effects, and fun for everyone who loves music, community festivals, Elora, or simply puppeteering. Join us at the charming Gorge Cinema, which will provide the ideal venue for six performances of “The First Noel”, a 75-minute live puppet show. Book early—seating is limited.

For tickets, contact the Elora Festival:
ph: 1-888-747-7550 or info@elorafestival.com
More Info: www.puppetselora.ca




If you have a special puppet for restoration/cleaning including marionette restringing (Pelham, Hazelle, Peter Puppet Playthings and more) we can do it for you. Call (416) 531-1290 or email.




This is definitely a work in progress! The space is now operational and Kelly Kirkham held her first workshop in the new space this past weekend. We are starting to program the space for September with new workshops by Alexander Mergold, Mike Harding, Naomi Kates, Kelly Kirkham and others for adults and children. If you are not currently on our mailing list for this Newsletter or you are interested in workshops please feel free to contact us.


How I Discovered
this Original Product

by Sue Berlove

I started a Fair Trade business in 2004, after a trip to Bolivia when I linked up with two artisan groups and began importing their crafts. This started out as a part time enterprise; I received craft shipments twice a year and sold these products at local markets, Christmas bazaars, and festivals. In 2006, one of these shipments included a new product — one I had not ordered. One of the groups, Ayni Bolivia, had sent knit bags filled with animal finger puppets! Uncertain how they would sell, I put them on my display table with other Bolivian handicrafts. And, to my delight, they were warmly welcomed to Canada and you can find all the 3 Bags Full pouches at Open Door Designs. Click here to see them.

Attack of the Puppet People is a 1958 American black-and-white science fiction horror film directed, produced and written by Bert I. Gordon. It stars John Hoyt as an eccentric doll maker. It was produced by Alta Vista Productions and distributed by American International Pictures.

ALI BABA And The 40 Thieves

German marionettes representing characters in ''ALI BABA and the 40 Thieves''- along with play program, 5 loop wires (characters arms and legs are fixed) and partial set of labels for play. Marionettes 5'' to 6'' tall.
The original paper play book in five acts printed in german written by Ernst Siewert and bearing the stamp of the toy shop in Vienna which no doubt sold the puppets. A color chromolith pullout is inserted in the back picturing each marionette exactly as clothed.

Made by Schreiber in Esslingen, Germany - c1895

click on the image
to download the poster PDF


Perth Avenue Public School, located at 14 Ruskin Avenue, is buzzing with excitement as the staff,students and parent council prepare to host their First Annual Spring/Summer Festival on June 17th. Everyone has been working hard to create a fun-filled afternoon that has something for all ages - from games and face-painting, to a bouncy castle and baked goods.

The school invites our friends, family, neighbours and local businesses - our community - to come on out and enjoy the fun. It will be a great opportunity to meet your teachers, your neighbours, you neighbourhood firemen, policemen and librarian.

Bring your community spirit and come support Perth Avenue Public School!

Date - Thursday, June 17, 2010
Location - Schoolyard of Perth Avenue Public School
Time - 3:30-6:30 pm

MESSAGE FROM KEN MCMULLEN, FARMER: Spring is on the way The first seedlings of thyme and lupines sprouted today in our germination room. Asparagus can't be far behind. I hope you will join us again for the 2010 crop season. We are celebrating 20 years of home deliveries so there will be special events and crops throughout the year. Registration information can be found at:http://www.springarbourfarm.com/delivery00.htm delivery dates, crops and prices can be found at: http://www.springarbourfarm.com/delivery00_2.htm

Dovercourt Boy's & Girl's Club Renovation
Donations of time and materials needed

Drywall Tapers, Light Fixtures, Paint & Painters, cash donations and more please contact
Tony Palermo: paldover21@kwik.net
(416) 530-4233

Since the beginning of January Central Tech students have been getting hands-on experience with the skilled trades they love by renovating a vacant warehouse at 45 Ernest Ave. into a new home for the Dovercourt Boys' and Girls' club. The students hope to have their renovations finished in time so the club can begin regular operations this May. If you can donate any time or materials please contact Tony Palermo: paldover21@kwik.net (416) 530-4233

Material Donations Needed

Donations may be dropped off at Open Door Designs or email Nancy Davis Halifax for more information.

fabric, wool, embroidery floss, needles, crochet hooks, old sweaters

RED WAGON COLLECTIVE was formed in 2006 in response to our desire to deepen our artistic, collaborative, and community-engaged practices through residency projects that would enable us to develop both intensive and extensive relationships in the Junction - a rapidly changing neighbourhood in Toronto's west end. We share a desire to work collaboratively with artists and non-artists to create work that inspires new conversations; softens boundaries between groups separated by age, culture, ability, and economic status; promotes the presence of art in everyday life and contributes to increasing public engagement in community development. The work we create with communities is used in producing exhibitions, public installations, and celebratory performance events.We are currently working within the walls of the Evangeline Shelter.


If you would like to join our emailing list and receive our Newsletter and updates regarding special events and new products at Open Door Designs, email us at info@opendoordesigns.ca