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These custom theatres were built for Central Children's Library in Regina, Saskatchewan Dadabhagwan Puppet Troupe in Toronto and The Augusta County Public Library in Staunton, Virginia. They all feature a wider stage opening (40").

Regina PPT

Regina Public Library

"One of our locations has been using the PPT quite a lot lately for school visits and did a demo for all of our programmers at our December meeting. They are now very proficient at setting up the stage in no time flat. Will keep in touch as the year progresses and see if the one stage serves our purpose or if we need to consider ordering another."

Staunton Public Library
Augusta County Library

Pufferbellies Toys the largest independent specialty toy store in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, recently donated this theatre to the Augusta County Public Library.

"I just wanted to let you know how amazed and excited we were by the puppet theater! I have not yet had a chance to see it in action (the library came and picked it up right away, as they had a show scheduled that they wanted to use it for), but we did pull it out to look at the materials and workmanship -- and it all seemed impeccable. Thanks also for the way you packed the supplementary materials -- I could tell you (or whoever did the packing) was really considering what the recipient would need, and what the most logical way to put it all together might be. We receive a LOT of packages at our store, and this might have been the nicest one ever to open.

I do think the library is enjoying the theater -- we have had lots of customers already come in and say "thank you for the puppet theater!!" We're planning a show here at the store for sometime this summer, and I will send you pictures of that.
Thanks again. "

Erin Blanton
Staunton VA

Dadabhagwan PPT
Dadabhagwan Puppet Troupe