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Right here in Toronto: here are two wonderful resources for anyone interested in puppetry.
Make plans to visit soon with your school group or on your own!

The Osborne Collection and the Lillian H. Smith & Marguerite Bagshaw Collections

The Osborne Collection
Class visits and Group Tours
Teachers and instructors are welcome to contact the Osborne Collection to arrange group visits, subject to space and scheduling. Classes starting at grade 4+ may enjoy exhibits and talks, while high school, college and university-level students may be given subject presentations on Osborne material.
Mon. - Fri. 10-6, Sat. 9-5

Website: The Osborne Collection
; Children's Literature Collections
Phone: 416-393-7753
Fax: 416-393-7635
Lillian H. Smith & Marguerite Bagshaw Collections
Lillian H. Smith Public Library
239 College St.
Toronto, ON M5T 1R5
Marguerite Bagshaw Collection, Children's Literature Collections
Phone: 416-393-7746
Wheelchair Accessible
Laurel Taylor-Adams, Children's Services Specialist- ltaylor@torontopubliclibrary.ca
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Puppets Up! Festival - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Puppets Up! is an international festival of puppets that each year attracts thousands of visitors to beautiful Almonte, in Mississippi Mills, Ontario, 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. The third weekend of August, professional puppetry troupes descend on Almonte to amaze, amuse, and astound audiences with a wide range of exceptional performances for all ages. Shows are held in five main theatres set up along the historic main street beside the waterfalls of the Mississippi River. Street entertainment includes clowns, buskers, musicians, dancers, and daily puppet parades led by celebrity parade marshals. Come discover the arts in Almonte at Puppets Up!

CASTELIERS - diffusion des arts de la marionette

This wonderful festival in Montreal features puppeteers from around the world including the healthy scene in Quebec. They offer programming year round and are now entering the10th year...think about going!

Web: casteliers.ca

For 30 years the Storytellers School of Toronto has been bringing you stories and storytellers from around the globe as part of the Toronto Festival of Storytelling.

This web page connects you with other puppeteers in Ontario regardless of location. The yearly meetings and occasional special events provide the opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas. Our membership is being rejuvenated with an influx of talented young professionals and puppet practitioners.
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Mike Harding, Chief Puppeteer
Applefun Puppetry
Phone: (416) 895-3492

Since 1997, Applefun Puppetry has been performing its hilarious brand of entertainment throughout Ontario. Whether it's a birthday party or an annual company event, Applefun will be there to make sure the kids are having fun.

Arm’s Length Puppets specializes in marionette puppet shows and workshops for children between the ages of 4 to 15.
Cathy Lee Keogh Hammond has shared her talent and passion for puppets with children in a wide variety of settings and situations – including schools, community centres, Brownie troops, youth organizations, children’s parties and corporate functions.

Cathy Lee Keogh Hammond

Aunty B & Tommy
Aunty B is fun and groovy, she mentors children between
the ages of 0 and 6 years old, providing a new & exciting way of learning.
Through song and rhyme, Aunty B helps children deal with bullying and teaches them how to love themselves & others.

You may find Aunty B at a birthday party or even at your school.

Brooks Artist & Management

Mike Petersen's Good Old Fashioned

It's better than you remember it: the comedy, the violence, the whole darn thing

They're all here - the loving wife, the teetering toddler, the crusty cop,
the voracious crocodile, and of course,
the mischievous Mr. Punch himself in all his trouble-making glory!

CONTACT: Mike Petersen: petersenmike@gmail.com

Hugh Phillips Hugh Phillips
The Fairytale Puppet Theatre
Toronto On


THE PADDLING PUPPETEERS : www.paddlingpuppeteers.com

The Paddling Puppeteers have been performing their musical puppet shows across Ontario and Quebec since 1999. A variety of colourful puppets bring to life several stories having to do with the environment. The shows present ideas of how we can take simple steps to preserve and restore Canada's natural heritage.

Rabbit and Bear Paws
In this new interactive puppet theater called; Rabbit and Bear Paws: The Way, we retell the Anishinabe Creation teaching of Nanabazhoo and the Animals. The characters are mischievous and the audience learns enjoyable life lessons from their numerous pranks and mistakes while also appreciating the unity of the Native communities and how they related to one another peacefully. Instantly recognizable and fun character art draws the reader and/or viewer smoothly into the colourful stories. n this new interactive puppet theater called; Rabbit and Bear Paws: The Way, we retell theAnishinabe Creation teaching of Nanabazhoo and the Animals.


Doreen D'Eath performs, leads workshops and much much more

Web: www.puppetadventure.com
Phone us at: 416-787-8588

Sarah Argue is the hands behind the puppets and the creator of Rock the Arts. Sarah has traveled in the United States for three years performing educational, improvisational-based family shows. She has lived and performed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, Six Flags in Los Angeles, and Branson Missouri. She has also graced the George Theatre in New York City as well as the Galveston Texas Grand Opera House.

Bookings and inquiries

Joel Brubacher has been building and playing with puppets since his early childhood. In May 2005, he established Banjo Puppets to legitimize the work he has been doing for most of his life.

Shadow Puppet Theatre is a professional shadow puppet troupe located in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

They produce puppet shows, design and build our own puppets and lead workshops in making and manipulating puppets for people of all ages — we are interested in the history of puppetry and in learning old techniques as well as developing new ones.

More Info: www.shadowpuppettheatre.com
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Artichoke Heart Collective was founded in 2010 by co-Artistic Directors Michelle Urbano and Tijiki Morris.

CONTACT: artichokeheartcollective.wordpress.com

Studio Babette Puppet Theatre strives to provide quality puppet performances in a myriad of styles, which reflect the European background of traditional puppet forms, combined with the unique artistry of modern Canadian puppetry.

website: www.studiobabette.ca
email: puppets@studiobabette.ca

CLUNK Puppet Lab is a multi-disciplinary company that creates original work through the exploration of highly visual theatre. Our experimental approach to collective collaboration strives to delve into the minute, intimate moments and connections of shared human experience, by integrating unconventional practices such as puppetry, physical theatre and sculpture/installation.

Website: clunkpuppetlab.com

Grey Muldoon and James Ashby devised the name Bricoteer Puppetry Project for several related reasons: 1) to emphasize how they creatively use material available “at hand” to construct both stories and puppets, a tendency encapsulated in the critical term bricolage (bricoteer is an amalgamation of the words bricolage and puppeteer); 2) to declare openly that they are most interested in pushing the boundaries of puppetry, which in many ways already goes beyond what the theatre of human actors is capable of doing; 3) to inform others that theirs is an ongoing project that always welcomes new collaborators.


Nina is a 3rd generation artist, puppet builder and puppeteer. Her career in theatre and television started in 1958 when she apprenticed as a puppeteer on the Friendly Giant with her parents John and Linda Keogh. His parents Vi and David created 8 foot high marionettes and operated them at places like Massey Hall - along with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (i.e.- Peter and The Wolf)
She has hosted several series for TVO and CBC (including The Polkadot Door and Drop-In)

Contact Nina at ninakeogh@gmail.com
Website: www.ninakeogh.com

CLAY & PAPER THEATRE: www.clayandpapertheatre.org

Out amongst the community bake-ovens and lush gardens of Dufferin Grove Park, Clay and Paper Theatre has been changing the world. Completely. Irrevocably. Medieval mystery plays, Punch and Judy shows, African myths, Indonesian shadow puppetry, Native Canadian masks- all these and more have been influencing Clay and Paper Theatre Company since its birth in 1994. This is theatre on the ground, for the groundlings, in the park and on the street. This is theatre of exaggeration, of giant puppetry, of satire and wit gone awry. This is a little theatre company asking big questions with humour and irreverence. This is Clay and Paper Theatre.

PUPPET MONGERS: www.puppetmongers.com

• Puppetmongers create entertaining plays of relevance for intimate audiences
• make shows for children, families and adults audiences
• build on the traditions to invent new and wonderful forms of puppetry
• explore what puppets can be and can do
• make puppet theatre that is beautiful, exciting, and delightful
• tour locally, nationally and internationally.
• work with other artists and companies on projects and productions
• offer classes to adult learners through our School of Puppetry

Shadowland creates theatre that is expressive in style, highly imaginative in concept and spectacular in execution. Masks, puppetry, stilts, live music, fire and evocative visual imagery draw audiences into worlds where stories unfold and dreams are unravelled.
Shadowland was founded in 1983 and is based on Toronto Island.

Anne Barber & Brad Harley
Artistic Directors
20 Fifth Street
Ward's Island, Toronto, ON, Canada


"The Old Trout Puppet Workshop is a puppet theatre company, founded on a ranch in southern Alberta in 1999. Our first year of operation was an experience of intense collaborative isolation – we lived together, cooked together, and worked together. We collected eggs, fed the pigs, and premiered our first show to a bunkhouse full of cowboys and Hutterites."

"We’re dedicated to making professional puppet theatre, for both children and adults, that blurs that distinction. We launch forth to explore the outer edges of the puppet medium, and to create original, unique, and exuberant art. An Old Trout show strives for delightful allegory, joyful tragedy, and purity of spirit. We’ve created six productions: The Unlikely Birth of Istvan, The Tooth Fairy, Beowulf, The Last Supper of Antonin Carême, Pinocchio, and now Famous Puppet Death Scenes


"Since 1995, Puppets Elora has used traditional puppetry to bring affordable live theatre to children. Our highly-skilled volunteer puppeteers have backgrounds in education, community theatre and the arts. Members write or adapt plays as well as design and build beautifully-sculpted and elaborately-dressed hand puppets, props, and scenery. Puppets Elora performs throughout Wellington and Dufferin Counties, Waterloo Region, and sometimes beyond."


JUMBLIES THEATRE: www.jumbliestheatre.org


DRAMAWAY: http://www.dramaway.com

DramaWay provides a creative outlet for both young and old. Using dramatic techniques, participants are led down the paths of discovery. Participants are given the opportunity to engage in drama and other art forms. DramaWay places emphasis on the process of creation, and the experience of the journey. At DramaWay, we believe that drama allows everyone the opportunity to connect with others in their community, and to learn about themselves while doing so. Our programs aim to promote social development, enhance self-esteem, and improve communication.

THEATRE DIRECT CANADA : www.theatredirect.on.ca

theatre direct header

Since 1976, Theatre Direct Canada has produced over 80 productions for 2 million young people across the country. Of these, over 40 were directly commissioned and developed by the company. In recognition of its outstanding work for young audiences, Theatre Direct Canada has been the recipient of 20 Dora Mavor Moore nominations resulting in 4 Awards and 9 Chalmers Canadian Play Awards.


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Banjo Puppets


Joel Brubacher has been building and playing with puppets since his early childhood. In May 2005, he established Banjo Puppets to legitimize the work he has been doing for most of his life.

Kanja Chen



Chensational Puppets offers a range of services to fit every aspect of your puppet-related project. From custom puppet building to puppeteering, Chensational Puppets brings experience and talent to make your production the best it can be.

Steven Barkley of Diabolo Puppets
Contact Information: Jenny or Steven: 450-962-9848
WEB: www.diabolopuppets.com

Diabolo Puppets is a small company based in Laval, Quebec. It was founded in 1992 by designer/owner Steven Barkley, who has been making puppets since childhood. The Diabolo puppets line features colourful, funny, and mainly imaginary creatures.

Peu importe le médium, Mathieu René demeure créateur de créatures, d'où le nom Créaturiste. Il a toujours été, et demeure fasciné, par une multititude de disciplines artistiques visuelles. La marionnette est son domaine principal, et lui permet la fusion d'une majorité de ses intérêts en un seul objet de performance. Il crée et performe en tant que marionnettiste pour une clientèle locale et internationale. Il offre également de la formation sur mesure en fabrication. Il adore le travail sur mesure, et offre un large éventail de styles et de prix.
Regardless of Medium, Mathieu René remains a Creature Maker, hence the name Créaturiste. He has always been and remains to this day, fascinated by a multitude of visual arts disciplines. Puppetry is his main field of activity. He creates, and performs as a puppeteer, for a local and international clientele.He also offers custom workshops in fabricating techniques of puppets, masks, and accessories. He offers a wide range of styles and prices.

Naomi Kates



Naomi designs, builds and incorporates puppets into her different applications of art. She was an assistant puppet builder in television and the wonderful experience she gained from that work led her to design puppets for theatre, private individuals and for her own projects. Naomi particularly enjoys inventing characters and building expression into them, whether through drawing, painting or in three-dimensional mixed media.

Kelly Kirkham

Kelly & Friends


Kirkham Puppets came into being during the winter of 2001. Kelly Kirkham, a visual artist with a background in drawing, painting and sculpture, was on the hunt for a particular sort of hand puppet, one she remembered from earlier years, with a hard papier-mâché painted head and soft cloth body. Unable to find any, she decided to make some herself, and Kirkham Puppets was born. Kelly has been creating her puppets ever since, including hand puppets, finger puppets, marionettes and rod puppets.


Open Door Designs is pleased to stock Kelly's puppets in the retail store, click here to see what is available.

Alexander Mergold - Doll Artist


Open Door Designs is pleased to stock Alexander's puppets in the retail store, click here to see what is available.
Pasha Romanowski is the founder and owner of Project Puppet. Lots of information on puppet building concepts and techniques, tutorials and patterns and kits for sale, especially for foam and fleece hand puppets. Website

Noreen Young is a Canadian producer and puppeteer/puppet builder who is actively involved in the pupppetry business through her corporation, Noreen Young Productions. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and currently lives nearby in Almonte where she helps foster a vibrant arts community.


CONTACT: nyp.puppets@gmail.com

With a successful performing company on the go Byron and Marlene morton worked tirelessly to build Images Puppet Productions Inc. to what it is today. “Canada’s Largest Resource Center for the Puppetry Arts,” producing everything from small hand puppets to custom corporate mascots.

FOR EDUCATORS: Many of the Performers listed above perform regularly in schools.

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At PUPPETS COOL! our Puppetry Workshops bring the fun, history and tradition of puppetry to your Classroom, Day Camp or Birthday Party – allowing students to express their creativity as they experience and explore the arts.

Steve Schnier, PUPPETS COOL!’s creator has worked in a senior creative capacity on numerous television, video and live audience-event puppet show productions. He brings real world tips, techniques and experience to share with your students.

Contact: www.puppets-cool.com


photo from: Puzzle Theatre - Plastique/Plastic

You will always find puppetry in the school-year line up at Prologue to the Performing Arts.

Prologue is a charitable, not for profit arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of young people by connecting them to high quality live performing arts.

More Inf: www.prologue.org

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Learning Ventriloquism

I have created learningventriloquism.com to help anyone who want to become a ventriloquist. I will post a lot of information, tips, how-tos and personal experiences on this website. I will show you ways to get started and what kinds of products you need to use during shows/performances. If you have any other questions or suggest you can just comment below the posts or use the contact us form.


Welcome to Ventriloquist Central where you can find all kinds of interesting information about the art of Ventriloquism. If you interested in past and present ventriloquists (such as The Great Lester, Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, Shari Lewis, Jimmy Nelson, Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator and many others)…or maybe about the great ventriloquist figure builders (Theodore Mack & Sons, George & Glenn McElroy, Frank Marshall, Ken Spencer, Jack Coats, Insull, Ray Guyll, plus others)…or just interested in the art of ventriloquism itself, you’ve come to the right place.




At ThrowThings.com you'll find toys and games in the “Things To Throw” department, ventriloquist dummies under “Throw Your Voice”, and customized promotional products under “Throw Your Name Around”. Other departments include “Throw Backs”, "Throw A Party", “ThrowThings Things”, and, of course, “Throw Up”. You can even “Throw Your Money Away”. (For $3.50 plus s/h get a certificate showing you threw your money away.)




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Founded in 1986 by Luman & Arlyn Coad, Charlemagne Press is the imprint of Coad Canada Puppets and only publishes books of advanced level puppetry and related topics. Book proposals, if within our specialty, are welcome.

Contact: website

Formed in 1984, The Toronto Animated Image Society is a not-for-profit, artist-run organization. Over the past 25 years, TAIS has encouraged the exchange of information, facilities, ideas and aesthetics within Toronto's animation community through events, screenings, workshops, and art exhibitions. The TAIS membership is made up of independent and professional animators, educators, enthusiasts and artists.

Incorporated in 1990, The Toronto Animated Image Society currently receives financial support from the Canada Council for the Arts (Media Arts Section), the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council and our membership, who raise funds for TAIS through fundraising, membership fees and admissions.

TAIS also houses a specialized animation studio, where animators and other artists can create independent animated work.

This wonderful site has many pages devoted to puppetry. You will find many pictures and references to the extensive collection of historical, Canadian and international puppets donated to the The Canadian Museum of Civilization.The Museum's collection, boasting more than 2,000 puppets and accessories, along with extensive archival material, is unique in its ability to illustrate important facets of puppet theatre in Canada.

1062 N. Fair Oaks Avenue - Pasadena, CA 91103
telephone - fax: 626-296-1536
website: www.PuppetryMuseum.org
In October of 1999, a group of puppeteers, producers, business professionals and lovers of puppetry came together to form a steering committee. The goal was to create a non-profit center in Southern California that promotes and preserves puppetry arts. While there are other such centers in the United States, here in America's heartland of entertainment, there is no place dedicated to honor and celebrate this magical art. As we begin the 21st Century, we are pledged to the creation of what was formally know as the Conservatory of Puppetry Arts (COPA) and is known as the International Puppetry Museum (IPM).
TheaterFigurenMuseum Lübeck

In old warehouses dating back 400 years, located in the heart of the old romantic Hanseatic city of Lübeck you will find a spectacular exhibit.
The internationally renowned Museum of Theatre Puppets houses historical marionettes, musical instruments, barrel organs, stage props and posters from around the world across three countries. All the artefacts tell their own story of cultural history: about Indian myths, Chinese rituals, African tribes, German fairs and many more.
Visit the Museum to experience a magical journey through the world of puppetry!

Kolk 14
23552 Lübeck, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)451 7 86 26
Fax: +49 (0)451 7 84 36


puppet buzz logo

"Puppet Buzz is your number one source for puppetry news with an international flare. The Puppet Buzz website has been created and is maintained by an international collective of dedicated puppeteers, puppet builders and puppet enthusiasts."

Punch and Judy

A rich tribute to an endearing and enduring rascal. The English Mr.Punch is truly an international character as well as being the British National Puppet. His origins are in Naples, whilst his family is worldwide.

Everything you wanted to know about Punch and Judy and more


A wonderful compilation of puppet and puppetry information gleaned from many sources.


Puppeteers Unite Mission
To provide information concerning puppet performance, building, and business practices. To promote fellow puppeteers in their endeavors. We believe information, will strengthen our puppeteer community and, in-turn, foster, support, and empower present and future puppeteers.


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"Comedy, comedy, comedy. That's what this act is all about. But John Park is no joke-telling stand-up comic.

Instead, this performer uses clever juggling and visually engaging comedy routines set to music to make his audience laugh. The crowd is with John all the way - even on stage, as volunteers take part and challenge John laugh for laugh for the comedic spotlight."


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Absolutely Stunning Sterling  
Hand Painted Silk  


High quality leather goods  


Performers Puppet Web Puppet makers Festivals
Local Artists Neighbourhood Resources otherperformers

Image Foundry specializes in edition printing, custom art reproduction projects, and high-end photo-retouching work.

1581 Dupont Street,
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 3S5

phone: 416-477-5652
stop logo


Healthy Beginnings is a pre-and postnatal nutrition, health and social support program serving low-income women and their families in Toronto 's Davenport West community.

Perth Dupont Garden


The garden in the Symington Avenue Park was started by the City Councillor Adam Giambrone in 2005.

The Perth Dupont Community Garden is located just north of Dupont St. and west of Lansdowne Ave, one block west of Symington Ave. The entrance to the garden is on Perth Ave.

Friends of Dufferin Grove  Dufferin Grove Park 
Dufferin Grove Park is a public neighbourhood park located in Toronto Canada, just south of Bloor, on the east side of Dufferin.


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