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Five years of experience as Wardrobe/Set/Prop manager for Sharon, Lois & Bram has given Joanne a wide range of experience in both design and construction. She is equally at home with adapting existing elements to suit new needs as she is with taking her own concepts and seeing them through to completion.

In 1998, she was commissioned to design the set, props and costumes for the stage production Skinnamarink TV Live.

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Skinnamarink TV Live

Skinamarinkdrawing.jpg (95218 bytes)

Preliminary Drawing

Skinamarink 3.jpg (30298 bytes)

Set Model

Skinamarink 1.jpg (26701 bytes)
National Arts Centre
Ottawa, 1998


Skinamarink 2.jpg (27300 bytes)

National Arts Centre
Ottawa, 1998

This set was designed and constructed for the 1998-99 tour of SKINNAMARINK TV produced by Sharon, Lois & Bram. Designed for mid-to-full size venues (but adaptable to smaller venues), the set is comprised entirely of soft goods and features quilted felt show legs and borders, painted floorcloth, rear scrim and two sets of interior legs. Prop pieces include the self-lighting, "Big Red Button" (seen here) and a 5-piece "character train" that detaches into individual units for use on stage

Wild About Animals, 1997

bearsnake.jpg (21387 bytes)

Pole top Animals

bugduck.jpg (15834 bytes)

Pole top Animals

sealfish.jpg (19299 bytes)

Pole top Animals

tortoisebird.jpg (20028 bytes)

Pole top Animals

rabbit.jpg (18393 bytes)

Set decoration

wolf.jpg (21766 bytes)

Set decoration

snail.jpg (14592 bytes)

Set decoration

Monkey set.jpg (25649 bytes)

Set: Mary Kerr
with animal elements
by Joanne Bigham


Puppet Set with Puppetsfor Workshop of "Psychedelica"


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