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1597 Dupont Street
Toronto, Ontario

Monday - Friday:
Noon - 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Four artists celebrate the holidays with a special sale of their innovative creations of art and craft. Local artists Joanne Bigham, Dora D’Angelo, Gilbert Dufour, Colleen Ryder and guest artist,Jean Bigham, are selling one of a kind puppet theatres, hand painted silk, leather bags,Jewelery and photographs and cards.

Open Door Designs Transformed


Dora D'Angelo

Dora D’Angelo is an OCAD graduate in textile design who specializes in gorgeous hand-painted silk, including scarves. A fusion of colour and texture on a variety of silks produces rare pieces, both large and small for functional and decorative use.

gilbert dufour


Design Gilbert Dufour
2374 St Clair Ave West
Toronto, ON, M6N 1K8

Office Phone:
(416) 767-5106
(416) 435-6533


Gilbert Dufour worked in fashion apparel for over 20 years in Montreal, but after completing a course in leather accessory design, he moved to Toronto to pursue his life-long passion for high quality leather goods known as la maroquinerie. He works in leather and exotic skins to create one-of-a-kind accessories in his studio. His inspiration comes from European master craftsmen such as Hermes and Dunhill.

Colleen ryder

Colleen Ryder creates jewellery and other items such as nail files and clocks in brightly coloured anodized aluminum and sterling silver


(416) 536-2635

An accomplished painter, sculptor and printmaker, Joanne Bigham entered the world of puppet theatre by chance. She spent six years on the road with children’s entertainers Sharon, Lois and Bram as an “elephant keeper", props person and designer and later wrangled Ella and CC Copy Cat for Skinnamarink TV, wildly popular with the under-six TV crowd. Open Door Designs was born when a friend asked Joanne to make a puppet theatre that could be taken to libraries and schools. Since then the business has continued to thrive and grow with the introduction of several free standing portable puppet theatres and a variety of puppets. In 2007 Joanne opened the Open Door Designs' retail store, located in Toronto which features her designs and a number of other Canadian puppet builders.

Open Door Designs' retail store located at 1597 Dupont Street near the Junction in Toronto, stocks all kinds of puppets. In addition to our own line of portable puppet theatres and puppets choose from a variety of reasonably priced handcrafted puppets from local artists including marionettes, hand puppets, rod puppets and finger puppets.